Benefits of Drama in Learning English Literature

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Drama can be a great help for students who are struggling with the secondary literature.  According to Chris Boudreault, “Drama can also be used to bring literature to life for the students. It is more dynamic than simple text and helps the visual learners as well as recycles new vocabulary. While drama does have a characteristic of recreation, the fun aspect should not be under-estimated.  When the students are enjoying an activity, they are learning and letting their guard down.


For students who English is not their first language,  the shyness and fear of using English very often blocks learning.  When the students are submerged in an active fun activity, they are more open to new concepts and learning will occur. When the students are having fun, they let their second language guard down and become less inhibited.  The student will tend to relax and stop blocking out the new language.  They will forget how hard it is and start absorbing the ideas presented. Changing the students’ perception of the language learning from a negative to a positive is a huge plus for the learning process.



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