Elocution and
Vocal Training

Elocution is the art of speaking clearly

It is something which is vital in today’s society and can be somewhat neglected due to the popularity of text messaging and emailing.

This 40 minute class focuses on vocal work – helping students to gain clear diction and good articulation.

The class will exercise all the organs of articulation helping children and adults alike to overcome any speech faults they may have such as the mispronunciation of words or a lazy tongue.

Elocution/Vocal Training Classes for Confidence, Projection and Mumbling

This 4-week vocal training session is designed specifically to help build your child’s confidence when speaking in front of others. The course focuses on teaching your child to project their voice so they can be heard while working on their articulation and diction to reduce mumbling.

Age: 6 - 10 year olds

Cost: €100

Availability: Spaces are limited to 6 students. Your place will be confirmed once payment has been received.

Location: Rathfarnham Parish Centre, Rathfarnham Village, Dublin 16

Time: 5.00pm -5.45pm

Date: 2nd November 2018

Contact Jill at jillspeechanddramadublin@gmail.com for more information.