Please see a list of our standard workshops below.  We are happy to offer tailor made courses as well so please do contact us if your exact requirements are not listed.

Communication and Public Speaking Workshops

We offer a one day workshop for businesses to help their employees to improve their communication and public speaking skills.

According to most studies people’s number one fear is Public Speaking even greater than death! Learning how to become a competent public speaker  and good communicator is vital in today’s society and sets you apart from your colleagues in a business environment.

The fear of public speaking is something which holds many people back from reaching their full potential.

Our practical workshops covers the following areas:

  1. Nerves and how to use them to your benefit.
  2. How to engage your audience
  3. Delivery skills – how to make what you are saying interesting
  4. Structure of your speech

Fully qualified instructors will work with each individual pinpointing their strengths and weakness and how to become a better communicator.


“In order to innovate, it’s not enough to just come up with big ideas, you also need to work hard to communicate them clearly. “

Walter Isaascson


“The school hosted our first onsite workshop with our team in which we covered a range of topics including breathing technique, projection, articulation and diction, delivery, body language and movement, and thinking on your feet. The training perfectly balanced theory with practical learning, in which our team got involved in voice and breathing exercises, role plays, speeches and more. It was through this hands-on approach that our members quickly gained the confidence to not only speak to, but engage and entertain an audience.Communication skills are so important in today’s business world and we would highly recommend the corporate workshop to any company looking to upskill their workforce in this area.”
Coopman Search and Select


English Pronunciation Workshops

This course is designed for non native speakers, who may struggle to be understood at times not due to the fluency of their English but the pronunciation of certain sounds.  English has many unique sounds which makes the pronunciation exceptionally difficult. This communication issue can lead to frustration on the part of staff and customers alike.  Our workshops use vocal training techniques which show the placement of the organs of articulation and consequently how to achieve the correct pronunciation.

We offer three levels of workshops:

Level 1 focuses on the basic foundations of the pronunciation of the  English language such as single, double, triple and the neutral vowel as well as consonants and consonant digraphs.

Level 2 builds on these foundations and introduces the elements required to sound like a fluent English speaker which include connected speech, correct use of pause, word stress, intonation and inflection.

Level 3 is a purely practical course which works on  increasing the memory muscle of the organs of articulation for what we have covered in Level 1 and 2 so that the sounds are produced naturally.


Acting  Workshops

Our introduction to acting course teaches the delivery skills so important in communicating in today’s world through improvisation, characterisation and performance skills.  The aim of the workshop is to encourage the following behaviours: 

  1. Building confidence
  2. Learning how to become assertive
  3. Problem solving skills
  4. Development of empathy
  5. Improvement of delivery skills
  6. Vocal skills
  7. Team building

During this workshop we use a mixture of drama games, improvisation,  characterisation, role play  and script work. The course is not just about teaching the invaluable skills to be learnt from the performing arts for the purposes of acting rather how these skills can be used in a day to day setting.  


For more information on any of the workshops listed above or to discuss a bespoke course please  contact Jill