This class is specifically designed for non native english speakers.  The six week course is broken into the following areas:

Breathing: This is what sustains speech and ensures a well-modulated voice. Correct breathing technique means that you will be able to project your voice and manage your nerves when speaking in front of a group. It is important to spend time ensuring that Intercostal Diaphragmatic Breathing technique is achieved as this will combat many speech fault issues.

Articulation and Diction: One of the main difficulties in learning a new language is being able to pronounce words correctly. We will work on the organs of articulation focusing on how the sounds are produced for the English Language this will be broken down into work on vowels and consonants.

There are five vowels in the English Language a, e, i, o, u however there are over 15 different vowel sounds. Through the course we will work through the mouth shape for the different vowels and the different vowel sounds. It is important to master these for correct English pronunciation as it is impossible to pronounce consonants without the vowel sounds in between them.

Consonants consist of the rest of the letters in the English Alphabet which are not vowels.

In order to pronounce consonants properly an understanding of the placement of the organs of articulation need to be understood. The theory behind the organs of articulation will also be thought to ensure full comprehension.

Delivery Skills: It is not enough to be able to speak english theoretically, rate, pace, infection, emphasis are vital to aid in good delivery and comprehension. This is worked on through weekly performing of literature in class. It will increase vocabulary and comprehension of colloquial language which will be important for the Cambridge English Exam.


Level 1 Pronunciation Class

Details of our next pronunciation classes are as follows:

Start Date: Monday 5th November 2018 at 7.30pm

Location: Studio 4, The Lab, Foley Street, Dublin 1

Duration: One hour each week for six weeks.

Cost: €150

Booking Place are limited to 10 students. Your place will be secured once payment is received. Contact for more information or to book your place.


Private Pronunciation Classes

We also provide one on one pronunciation tuition.  This six week session of  weekly 40 minute classes costs €300.  Please contact for more information.



Viviana Jakomin (Italian) September 2018

 My experience with the Dublin School of Drama and Communication has been nothing less than absolutely fantastic, rewarding, challenging and enjoyable.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Jill. Her passion about English sounds and her enthusiasm and positive energy is contagious.

Jill’s  approach is outstanding and she manages to immediately spot the main weaknesses and identify the areas of improvement in a very efficient and effective way.

She has tailored the classes to my specific needs, combining different contents and covering all the aspects of effective communication, from the correct breathing technique to the different mouth shapes needed for pronouncing each vowel and consonant sound, form the ways to enhance my self-confidence to the exercises to project my voice.

Jill has been very thorough and clear, always pushing me to get the pronunciation right, soften my accent and implement vocal techniques to deliver an engaging speech.

This course has been for me an enlightening journey and I strongly recommend it to anybody thinking of improving their  elocution, communication and presentation skills. You will absolutely love it!