Level 2 Pronunciation - 8pm Irish Time - 4th May 2021 - Dublin School of Drama and Communications

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April 13, 2021
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April 13, 2021

Level 2 Pronunciation – 8pm Irish Time – 4th May 2021


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Start Date: Tuesday 27th April

Duration: 6 Weeks

Time: 1 Hour

Location: Online via Zoom

Cost: €150

This the second course in our pronunciation series. It is  for students who have already completed Level 1 or have advanced pronunciation.

The level 2 Pronunciation Course builds on the foundations of Level 1 and teaches conversational spoken English.  We look at the elements that you need to sound like a fluent English speaker. Correct pronunciation is not enough as you need to understand how to use connected speech,  word stress and word emphasis correctly in sentences, as well as pitch and inflection.  Unlike other language speakers, English speakers do not stress all words equally in a phrase but rather stress the words that are important.  All of these techniques are put into practice through poems, scripts and conversations.  We use Irish scripts from “Father Ted” so you can practice alone at home.

This is an interactive class so your video and microphone must be turned on at all times.