*ONLINE* Overcome your Fear of Public Speaking: 18th March 9am - Dublin School of Drama and Communications

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*ONLINE* Overcome your Fear of Public Speaking: 26th February
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*ONLINE* Overcome your Fear of Public Speaking: 18th March 9am


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Start Date: Monday 18th March 2024

Time: 9am-10am

Duration: A weekly one hour class for six weeks.

Location: Online via Zoom

Cost:  €180

A six week course that teaches you all the skills necessary to come across well on video calls, presentations and camera. We focus on the delivery skills, body language and other techniques necessary to appear confident and charismatic whether you are chatting on zoom or preparing a video or giving a speech in public.



– How to conquer your nerves

– Feel comfortable speaking in front of others

– Learn how to act confidently

– Basic delivery skills, such as rate and pace, pause, use of intonation

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I am writing this message to thank you and extend my deepest appreciation! Today I volunteered to be an MC for an event at my work – which is something is far away outside my comfort zone. Thanks to your training and techniques, I was able to perform well! Fake it till you make it was my secret weapon in addition to a good amount of diaphragmatic breathing – as you taught us!

Hanouf (Develop your Public Speaking Skills)


Please note this is an interactive class so we would ask you to kindly turn your video and microphone on if possible. All notes and zoom links can be downloaded from our website once the course is purchased.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us on sales@speechdramadublin.com.