Tips for Sounding Like a Native English Speaker Wednesday 18th January 2023 6pm - Dublin School of Drama and Communications

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Tips for Sounding Like a Native English Speaker Wednesday 18th January 2023 6pm


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Date:  Wednesday  18th January  6pm 2023

Duration: One Hour Tutorial

Time: 6pm -7pm

Online: Zoom

Cost: €70

This tutorial will take you through some basic techniques which help you sound more like a native English speakers.  As English is a vocal language which means that the correct pronunciation of the vowels are essential we will focus on how to pronounce individual vowel sounds.  We will then look at the element of connected speech which distinguishes a non native speaker from a native speaker.  The tutorial is taken by an experienced vocal coach who will be available to answer any questions you may have at the end of the session. 



  • How to pronounce single vowels
  • How to pronounce double vowels
  • Connected speech how one word impacts another
  • The Use of Word stress


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“I am currently at Level 2 of the Pronunciation course with Sarah and I am really enjoying it. The subjects covered are really helpful and reflects the real conversations that you can have everyday with native speakers. It really helps understanding some tricks of pronunciation that might be difficult for non native, and the practice with Father Ted scripts make the lessons really funny and really friendly.”  Elisabetta Cortisones


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