• Public Speaking

    Public speaking courses are perfect for anyone who has to give presentations in work,  a wedding speech or other event where they will be required to speak in public or simply to become more comfortable talking in front of a group of people.
    This public speaking course covers the following techniques:
    • how to conquer your nerves
    • correct breathing
    • projection
    • articulation
    • delivery skills, i.e. use of rate, pace, pause and inflection
    • content
    • use of props, i.e. cue cards, microphones, powerpoint, etc
    We offer an Introduction and an Advance Course in Public Speaking.
    An  Introduction to Public Speaking 

    This caters for students who are new to Public Speaking and would like to learn the basics and conquer any nerves they may have speaking in Public.  Nervous students are catered for and the curriculum is covered in a relaxed and fun environment.  It is a practical course and students will be taught the theory behind public speaking and then encouraged to put this to use. It is only through practicing that you can become truely comfortable.

    This article written in Forbes magazine shows how beneficial it is for business people to be able to conquer their fear in relation to speaking in public.  It also highlights how other people’s fear of  this can be to your advantage!

    Five Reasons Why The Fear of Public Speaking is Great for You 

    Also this recent article in the Harold Shows that even celebrities such as Harry Styles find it hard to speak in front of a group.

    How to Conquer a Fear of Public Speaking

    We are affiliated to The Leinster School of Music and as part of the Course Students can take their Grade One Public Speaking Exam offered by The Leinster School.


    Our Lady’s School Hall, Ballinteer  Rathfarnham Parish Centre, Rathfarnham Village
    23rd September 2015 25th September 2015
    8.00pm – 9.oopm 10.00am – 11.00am
    €180 €180

    Advanced Public Speaking

    This is a more advanced course and upon successful completion students will qualify with a Grade 10 in Public Speaking from The Leinster School of Music and Drama.
    Students will become experts in speech making both prepared and extempore.  There will be a focus on delivery skills, speech writing and vocal skills.  As an extension of the Introduction to Public Speaking, students must have a basic understanding of the discipline to take part in the course.

    Duration: 10 Weeks

    Location: Our Lady’s School Hall, just off Broadford Road, Ballinteer, Dublin 16.

    Next Term: 27th January 2015

    Time: 9pm

    Cost: €210

    The Leinster School of Music and Drama was established in September 1904 and is now located in the Griffith College Campus.  Approximately 15,000 candidates are examined annually and the reputation of the school extends beyond Ireland.


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