Level 1 Pronunciation - 3pm (Irish Time)/6pm (GST). 25th April 2021 - Dublin School of Drama and Communications

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Level 1 Pronunciation – 3pm (Irish Time)/6pm (GST). 25th April 2021


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Start Date: Sunday 25th April 2021

Duration: 3pm – 4pm Irish / 6pm – 7pm GST

Location: Online Via Zoom

Cost: €150/$179

This is the first of three courses in our series of pronunciation classes.  They are specifically designed for non native English Speakers and focus solely on English Pronunciation.  The course is taken by a team of experienced vocal coaches who use vocal training techniques to instantly improve your pronunciation.

How is this different from a standard English language school?   We will work on the organs of articulation focusing on how the sounds are produced for the English Language. This will be broken down into work on vowels and consonants. Showing you the positions for each and every sound.  We teach you the phonetic symbols associated with the different sounds so by the end of the course you will have the tools to pronounce any new word you come across.

Please contact us on sales@speechdramadublin.com if you have any queries.