Public Speaking in Practice 8pm Tennant Hall, Christchurch, Rathgar , Dublin 6; 25th January 2022 - Dublin School of Drama and Communications

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Public Speaking in Practice 8pm Tennant Hall, Christchurch, Rathgar , Dublin 6; 25th January 2022


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Start Date: Tuesday  25th January  2022

Time: 8pm -9pm

Duration: A weekly one hour class for six weeks. The class is on at the same time and day every week.

Location: Tennant hall, Christchurch, Rathgar, Dublin 6

Cost: €170

This is our final public speaking course.  Unlike the other two courses this course is designed specifically for students to practice the skills that they have learnt over the past one or two modules and perfect their public speaking and communication skills.In order to partake in this course you must have completed either level 1,  “Overcome your Fear of Public Speaking”  or level 2  “Develop your Public Speaking Skills” as it assumes that each student understands the delivery skills required to be  competent and engaging when speaking in public. 



– Practical implementation of the skills you learnt in level 1 and 2

– Constructive feedback on how to improve

– Extempore Speeches

– Practice on a personal project


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I am writing this message to thank you and extend my deepest appreciation! Today I volunteered to be an MC for an event at my work – which is something is far away outside my comfort zone. Thanks to your training and techniques, I was able to perform well! Fake it till you make it was my secret weapon in addition to a good amount of diaphragmatic breathing – as you taught us!

Hanouf (Develop your Public Speaking Skills)


Please note this is a practical class and you will be asked to participate each week.   All notes  can be downloaded from our website once the course is purchased.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us on